Guardians of Middle-Earth

Guardians of Middle-Earth

Guardians of Middle-Earth is a game that seems at odds with itself at almost every turn. It’s a MOBA – and a surprisingly competent one at that – made exclusively for consoles. Its use of the Lord of the Rings movie IP goes both too far and sometimes not enough. But perhaps most crucially and damning of all, it is an online only game that is rampant with constant networking issues. Guardians of Middle-Earth is a brave, bold move by Monolith to create an exciting ARTS experience for consoles that could actually work Like its genre counterparts before it, Guardians of Middle-Earth has a deceptively simple concept at its core: two teams of five heroes, known as the titular Guardians, battle their way across a symmetric, 3-laned battlefield in order to reach their enemies base and destroy it, taking out towers and enemy minions – represented by Galadhrim and Soldiers of Gondor for the forces of good, or Orcs and Goblins for their evil counterparts – along the way.

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OP MrGregory This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Tried everything I understand the matchmaking issues but not being able to party up?

Guardians of Middle Earth was developed by Monolith Productions and due to the matchmaking issues, we chose to lower our score down.

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Return to Middle-earth

Where DOTA 2 and League of Legends LoL have built a reputation of having a high barrier or entry for newcomers, HOTS aims to open its doors to everyone — though only time will tell if it can maintain this welcoming environment. Like its main competition, you can download Heroes of the Storm now for free , with optional micropayments on hand for additional features. This gave those dedicated enough to master them a feeling of smug superiority, but did little to broaden their audience.

By contrast, you can pick up Heroes of the Storm after just a few 20 minute games.

PlayStation Plus Update: Guardians of Middle Earth Free; Karateka 50% Off With 20 iconic guardians from Middle-earth, and new guardians coming all the time, The reviews say it’s good but the matchmaking is terrible. me a download tag for the PS3 version wish works fine and was not the problem.

If all you saw were screenshots, you could be forgiven for thinking that Guardians of Middle-earth is some kind of timely Hobbit tie-in with League of Legends , so extensively does it borrow from the popular MOBA’s playbook. But thanks to a few significant changes, Guardians manages to stand on its own. For one, it succeeds in adapting the controls and mechanics for consoles, and for another, its timed battles and redesigned upgrades streamline the experience for the sake of fun while sacrificing little of the genre’s depth.

What’s more, a clear love of Tolkien’s universe shines through in its 20 guardians and their associated abilities. If it weren’t for bouts of crippling lag and frequent disconnects, Guardians of Middle-earth would be a must-have game for anyone who enjoys both multiplayer online battle arenas and the Lord of the Rings franchise. Limited and full area-of-effect abilities are the rule in Guardians of Middle-earth.

The Little Console MOBA That Could, But Didn’t

MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and DotA may call PCs their home, but this spin on the traditional real-time strategy genre has started making its way onto consoles, to favorable results. Awesomenauts was the first, and now Guardians of Middle-earth shows us that anyone can get a taste of a quality MOBA game without the need of a keyboard or mouse.

As its name alludes to, Middle-earth takes place in the Lord of the Rings universe and features over 20 iconic characters–or guardians–that you can unlock from the world of J. Guardians are divided into five different classes–Enchanter, Defender, Striker, Warrior and Technician–and the game does a great job making each one feel and play differently.

Seems that the game is shut down, due to servers issues (closed), so no This game used gamespy servers for matchmaking so it went down.

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PlayStation Plus Update: Guardians of Middle Earth Free; Karateka 50% Off

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Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-earth Review The online play is actually pretty solid, however the matchmaking is horrendous. Then lag and disconnect issues pop up, but with recent patches the disconnect issues.

By mechamonkey , December 8, in Online. I’ll be playing again soon mecha, and I find the theorycrafting stuff quite interesting. Everyone’s picking Radagast at the moment so I took the opportunity to learn Bert, he is great fun! I like to think of him as a fat chef tossing the enemy onto his cooking bonfire, like a fatter Jamie Oliver. I’d love to see Durin’s Bane in the roster. Enjoyed what little I played of this on PS3, but a lack of players and some fairly frequent disconnects meant I stopped playing far sooner than I’d have liked.

Disconnects are still a bit of a problem but it’s not too bad and the version has a healthy community, generally about mins wait per game. Another great spreadsheet here with just about everything. Had a fun game with Corleth last night, ended up after disconnects Corley as Beregoth and me as Bert Just prestiged no pots or commands!

We didn’t win but we put up a decent fight!

Guardians of Middle-Earth PC Impressions

Friday night marked the return of at least some of the WoW instance group to Lord of the Rings Online. It was unplanned, but after my wife went to bed early she stretched out on the bed for a minute and then the sandman crept up and mugged her… it was a long week for her I decided to just log into LOTRO for a few minutes, just to look around.

But once in I was hailed by Skronk and Ula who were also getting reacquainted with the game. They were in the North Downs around Nan Amlug. Since I was near Trestlebridge, I hopped on my new mount and headed out to play with them.

Made your first hot drop into Halo 5: Guardians MP Beta participant. I understand the matchmaking issues but not being able to party up​? Do NOT accept an invite while in the middle of a match. And, not the place for this, but why on earth can’t you party up with recent players?

I have written in the past about how certain games can be very appealing conceptually but the reality is quite different. Often the fundamental disappointment doesn’t lie with the game itself but with our inability to play them. The trailers for these games are frenetic, focusing on action and spectacle. Sadly, my personal experience of Battlefield has usually been running across an inordinately large map, only to arrive at the hot spot to get one-shotted. As for the planes, helicopters and vehicles; I can’t fly them or drive them effectively so team mates tend to abandon me.

The fun experience depicted in the advertising was as elusive as a good, odd numbered Star Trek movie. I simply could not progress in the game through a lack of skill and a chronic tolerance and patience deficit. With other game genres such as first person shooters or massive online battle arenas, I broadly have the same lack of success. Often with titles such as Overwatch and Guardians of Middle-earth it boils down to twitch gaming.

Sadly, this is the prerogative of youth. What could possibly be cooler than flying a classic warplane or an iconic commercial airliner? Yet the complexity of such titles is beyond me. Nope, with the best will in the world, these sorts of games are not for me. I think most gamers of sound mind eventually arrive at a similar conclusion.

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